Welcome to the LFP PTA Art Docent Program!

Bridging the Gap in Elementary Visual Arts Education

At Lake Forest Park Elementary, we recognize the importance of art in our students' education. The Shoreline School District, unfortunately, doesn't have visual art teachers at the elementary level, which is where our Art Docent program comes into play

What is the Art Docent Program?

The Art Docent program, sponsored by the LFP PTA, is a volunteer-run initiative aimed at filling the void of elementary visual arts education. Our goal is simple yet impactful: to provide students with the opportunity to engage with real art, using it as a wellspring of inspiration for their own artistic creations. Through this program, students will not only discover the world of art but also practice specific art-making concepts and techniques.

What to Expect:

Lead Docents and Training:

Our lessons are carefully crafted by our Lead Docents, who ensure that students receive a well-rounded art education. In addition, we provide training for each lesson to make the experience engaging and enriching for both students and volunteers.

We are excited to share the world of art with our young learners and make the learning experience fun and educational. Join us in the journey of art exploration and creativity!

Let's make art a vibrant part of our students' educational journey! 

What is expected of volunteers? Trainings will take place in the evenings at school. Docents will learn about the lesson and practice the project! Then they will coordinate with classroom teachers to schedule a time to facilitate the art project in the classroom for the students

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN ARTIST TO VOLUNTEER! We will provide all materials and lesson plans. We need at least one and ideally 2-3 volunteers for each classroom.

Please email lfpartdocent@gmail.com to sign up or ask questions!