February 29, 2024

Does your kid love to S-P-E-L-L? 

Grades 3-5 can participate! 

Join us on February 29th at 6:30 PM 

in the LFP Cafeteria/Gym 

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the LFP Spelling Bee?

Thursday, February 29th at 6:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria Parents and friends are encouraged to attend this FREE family event!

Who can take part in the LFP Spelling Bee?

LFP students in 3rd-5th grades

What happens at practices?

Practices will consist of playing fun spelling games, and reviewing and practicing Spelling Bee rules.

What happens at the Bee?

Spellers will be seated in the front, come up to the microphone in turn, and be given a word to spell by the Pronouncer. If they spell the word correctly, they return to their seat.  If they misspell the word, they will be out of the Bee and will go to sit in the audience. The round will conclude once each speller has had a chance to spell.  The remaining spellers will then be in the next round and will be given another word to spell. The words generally get more difficult in each successive round. Eventually there will be just one speller left who is declared the champion.

Where do the words for the Bee come from?

Scripps National Spelling Bee publishes a list of study words for school spelling bees.  Spelling Club participants have received this list and an electronic copy has been emailed to parents.  These are the words used in the Spelling Bee - except at the end of the Bee when the Pronouncer may choose to use words from a supplementary list which spellers will not have seen beforehand.

Do spellers need to learn all the words on the study list?

No.  Spellers can start with the easiest words and work their way up.  The more words they learn the further they will most likely get in the Bee.  Some spellers will aim to learn all the words on the list.

Many of the words are too hard for my child. Why would he/she want to take part in the Bee?

The aim of the Spelling Bee is to practice spelling, learn new vocabulary words, and have fun!  Other benefits are: practicing good sportsmanship, experience being in front of an audience, using a microphone, and staying focused.  Even the most advanced spellers get to words they haven’t seen before – they just stay calm and use all their spelling knowledge to try and work out how to spell the word.

What is the best way to practice spelling words?

Have a family member or friend quiz you on the words.  Grab any spare moments to do this, like setting the table or waiting for the bus.  Read the spelling list often. Try copying the words out or making flash cards.

Questions? Email us at spellingbee@lfppta.org