Amazon Wish Lists

Each grade is invited to purchase items from a themed Amazon Wish List. The items purchased will be used to create gift baskets for the Silent Auction. Choose an item within your budget and help create an amazing basket or two. Wishlist items do not have to be purchased on Amazon. Feel free to shop around for deals!

We have made lists for each grade level and each list has a variety of themes to choose from. Check them out!

      • Kindergarten - Themes: Pack a picnic, Fun in the kitchen, and Science is magic that works

      • First Grade - Themes: Bake it till you make it, Spa day, Take a picture it will last longer

      • Second Grade - Themes: Relax, Family movie night, Teacher's treasures, You're so sweet

      • Third Grade - Themes: Let's build, Gather 'round the fire, Doggie delights, Day at the beach

      • Fourth Grade - Themes: Get in the garden, Charcuterie, Music makes the world go round, Take a hike, Hearts with Ukraine

      • Fifth Grade - Themes: Happy camper, Family game night, Yoga gonna love it, Cat Lovers

Any items purchased from the Amazon Wish Lists will be sent directly to LFP Elementary.

Thank you for your contributions.