Spring Auction

2022 date and location coming soon

All About the Auction - FAQ

What is the Auction?

    • The Auction is the PTA’s main fundraiser for the year. It’s a fun event open to all parents and other adults from our community! Browse and bid at the Silent Auction while enjoying a drink. The Live Auction kicks off when dinner is served. To bid or not to bid is up to you. The main goals are to have fun and raise funds for our kids.

How are the funds raised used?

    • The event proceeds provide most of the PTA’s operating budget for the following year. This allows us to continue providing all of our students with the chance to engage in PTA sponsored activities at low or no cost.

How can I participate?

    • There are four main ways for anyone to help us with our auction:

What are Sign Up Events?

    • One of the highlights of the auction is the chance to foster connections within our Dolphin community! The connection doesn’t need to end once the auction is over. Our silent auction sign up events allow attendees to buy a reservation to a variety of fun events hosted by our community.

    • We are looking for a few more families who can host 10-15 guests. Would you consider hosting an event?

    • We've brainstormed some ideas but are confident you have more. Here are a few of ours:

      • Sharing the foods of your heritage and the stories behind them

      • Ice cream sundae social (with all the best toppings!)

      • Student-parent flag football or soccer game at a local park

      • Mimosas and light brunch snacks

      • Student-parent art, craft or DIY science activity (we can help with inspiration or supplies!)

      • Outdoor family movie night

      • Family S’mores and hot cocoa around the fire

      • Lead a local parent-student hike

      • Dad's/ Mom's Night Out

    • If you don't want to host alone grab a friend, and host together! Or share your idea and we will help you find a partner. If you have any questions, send Erin an email.

    • If you are ready to sign up, submit your idea now!

Who will be at my table?

    • We do our best to honor seating requests. For those who don’t have a specific group they want to be with, we do our best to make table groups based on grade levels. It can be a great way to meet to new friends! We can only guarantee seating requests made before May 5.

What is a Table Captain?

    • Table Captains are ready to fill a table with their favorite people! They can either purchase a table and have their guests reimburse them or instruct their guests to name them as their table captain when they purchase their own tickets. Either way, the fun is guaranteed!

More importantly, what's for dessert? What is the Dessert Dash?

    • What better way to get dessert than to race against others for it? Each table bids to be the first to choose a dessert. Race to the table to get the treat that you want - just don’t drop it on the way back!

    • Add your own delectable delight to the dash by using the Dessert Dash Sign Up!

What is the Wine Pull?

    • For a set price, pick a bottle of wine from our fabulous collection. The bartenders will happily uncork the bottle for you and your table to enjoy.

    • Do you have a $15-20 bottle or two of wine to contribute? Email our Wine Pull Team to set up a pick up or drop off.

What are the Amazon Wish Lists?

    • Each grade is invited to purchase items from a themed Amazon Wish List. The items purchased will be used to create gift baskets for the Silent Auction.

    • The 2022 Wish Lists:

      • Kindergarten - Themes: Pack a picnic, Fun in the kitchen, and Science is magic that works

      • First Grade - Themes: Bake it till you make it, Spa day, Take a picture it will last longer

      • Second Grade - Themes: Relax, Family movie night, Teacher's treasures, You're so sweet

      • Third Grade - Themes: Let's build, Gather 'round the fire, Doggie delights, Day at the beach

      • Fourth Grade - Themes: Get in the garden, Charcuterie, Music makes the world go round, Take a hike, Hearts with Ukraine

      • Fifth Grade - Themes: Happy camper, Family game night, Yoga gonna love it, Cat Lovers

    • Choose an item within your budget or purchase a gift card that fits your needs. Wishlist items do not have to be purchased on Amazon. Feel free to shop around for deals!

What should I wear?

    • Wear what makes you comfortable! Seriously!

    • This is a Friday evening event and many of us will be wrapping up our work days, getting dinner for the kids on the table and making sure the babysitter arrives on time. The last thing we want you to worry about is if your attire for the night meets a certain theme or standard. We want you to be able to attend the auction and have a great time.

    • Your good jeans and a nice shirt? Perfect! The dress you bought but haven't found the right occasion to wear it? This is the event! Khakis and a button down? You do you!

I want to attend but...

    • My budget is tight: We understand. Please know that simply buying a ticket and attending is enough. You are not obligated to bid on anything. We do try to have a variety of items that are available at a set cost so that you can purchase and not be outbid. We also have resources to assist with ticket purchases. Email us and we will make arrangements.

    • Crowds aren't really my thing: Maybe working the welcome desk is? Say hi to all the guests, hand them their welcome packs and send them on their way. Or volunteering the night of but in an administrative capacity? There is a lot of work that happens behind the scenes the night of the auction. We will provide snacks and drinks for the team as all the data is processed.

    • I'm don't really know anyone: The auction is a great way to get to know the community. There are plenty of chances to make new friends in between the bidding. If you let us know, we can make sure you sit with some fantastic folks.

    • I don't drink alcohol: Don't worry you are not alone in this. There are plenty of non-drinkers at the event. For those who may have a few beverages, they need their non-drinking friends to hold their paddles down sometimes.