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Board Meetings

The LFP PTA Board Meetings are held monthly and anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.  Come see how PTA business is done, bring your ideas and questions, and meet other LFP parents.

At PTA Board meetings, the BOD, Principal, staff representative and committee chairs give reports about what they’ve been working on and they share their plans, ideas and questions or concerns that have come up.   Sometimes votes are held on issues that have been raised.

Are you interested in volunteering with the PTA or have a question? Email the PTA Co-Presidents.

Meeting Minutes

 2018-19 Board of Directors & General Membership Approved Meeting Minutes

PTA Resources

Additional information and resources are available through our state and national PTAs. Check out these sites to learn more:

Sound of the Dolphins Newsletter

Check out the PTA print newsletter that goes home via kidmail monthly:

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