Great Gift Card Giveaway

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7 – 11, and we’d love your help in creating a special week for our super awesome staff and teachers. To volunteer during the event week or with any questions please email Cari or Rachel.

Supplies for the Buddy Box

Spring is here and the recess “Buddy Box” is open again. Kids love to play games, draw, read and talk with friends at the “buddy table.” What we need are some new supplies for kids to play with such as: playing cards, card games like Spot It, checkers, colored chalk, colored pencils/pens with no caps, crayons, mechanical pencils, […]

Can You Help a Community Member?

We have a family that is struggling to make ends meet this month. To help offset some costs so they can pay rent, we’d like to collect some grocery cards or gas cards to help them out. Albertson’s, Safeway, Costco, or any kind of gas card would be super helpful. The sooner we can get […]