Q&A with PTA Co-Presidents

The PTA Office

Q: I’ve heard that the PTA won’t have an office next year, is this true?
A: Thanks for the question, the answer is both yes and no. The PTA will not be in the office off the main hall after the end of this year as the school will need that space. We’re making arrangements to disperse our supplies and equipment to various locations around the school and to identify spaces where we can meet to conduct PTA business.  Please email the PTA co-presidents if you have specific needs for us to consider as we finalize our plans. Have a question you’d like to see answered?

Student Enrichment

Q: I saw that the YMCA is offering enrichment classes next fall, is the PTA working with them again for Student Enrichment?

A: Thank you for your question! The quick answer is no, the PTA will be offering a completely separate student enrichment program from anything offered by the YMCA. As you consider the YMCA for any kind of after school activity, please be sure to read the information carefully so that you understand the costs involved and feel confident about the decisions that you make.

Have a question you’d like to see answered? Email the PTA co-presidents here to submit your request, or to remain anonymous written requests can be submitted to the PTA mail tray in the front office.

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